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About ZAD

Our main focus, first and foremost is establish a trusted name in the Oil & Petroleum Industry.

Who we are

ZAD FUEL is a global leader in Oil & Petroleum trading and logistics. We apply skill, market intelligence and worldwide resources to add value for our customers and optimize the value chain. We act responsibly in all our markets. Our focus is on long-term and lasting relationships. We are continuously strengthening our logistics capabilities with investment in high quality infrastructure. We promote a lean, flexible and responsive business culture by encouraging and supporting local decision-making.

Physical Activities

We source, store and deliver Oil & Petroleum products to customers. We deliver the product in the spot and forward physical markets. As a leading supplier of Petroleum products of the region’s most advanced products and services, we set high standards for performance in every aspect of our business – including Quality standards, environment, safety and health. Through these efforts, we are making a difference in our communities and in the world today and for the future.

Strength and Diversity

ZAD Group has 5 offices mainly in the Middle East and Africa; each office has access to the knowledge, resources and capability to support our network throughout and with more than 450 Employees to cater to our trading customers. Each Group equipped with Fleet of Tankers, Barges and Road Tankers.

Corporate & Environmental Responsibilities

“Our corporate vision – Powered by Innovation, Guided by Integrity, We Help Our Customers Achieve Their Most Challenging Goals – inspires ZAD Fuel’s talented employees to apply that same innovation and integrity to our environmental, safety and health performance every day. And our corporate values – Do What’s Right, Respect Others, and Performance with Excellence.”

Mission & Vision

A Global Perspective

ZAD FUEL was established in year 2000 to trade in Oil & Petroleum. The objective of the Company’s founder was clear and simple. ZAD emerged as a self-independent company with the ability to maintain its strength and performances. We perform the economic role of distributing and delivering physical commodities to balance supply and demand. The products we trade include Oil and Petroleum products.

ZAD FUEL has seen enormous and remarkable growth since its foundation. With its outstanding records of timely supply to Majors, Charterers, Ship Liners and Ship Owners, ZAD have gained an International Recognition in the Petroleum Industry and have been able to expand its Client database to beyond Middle East, Africa, and various other active Landmarks.